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What is Brain fog & how can you beat it?

What is Brain fog & how can you beat it?

Brain fog is a familiar feeling for all of us whether it manifests as the failure to produce a word mid-sentence, the inability to absorb new information, or the struggle to sit and focus. Most of the time that is not an innate cognitive incompetence, it is the sign of a poor cognitive environment. 

Lifting of this brain fog & full utilisation is therefore entirely possible & often simple. The largest causes of brain fog and the most common fixes are:

Poor sleep

  1. Prioritise sleep & enforce a routine.
  2. Create a good sleep environment: clean, cool, comfortable, dark & quiet.
  3. Restrict alcohol & caffeine consumption.
  4. Utilise supplements: CBD, valerian, 5HTP, melatonin precursors.


  1. Avoid fried & processed foods.
  2. Limit sugar, vegetable oil, dairy & caffeine.
  3. Increase consumption of turmeric, olive oil, fatty fish & leafy vegetables. 
  4. Improve gut health: Vite Flora.

Lacking nutrients

  1. Consume balanced Omega fatty acids daily: fatty fish, algae, chia & supplements.
  2. Consume Choline: eggs, beef liver, nuts & supplements.
  3. Consume MCT's: coconut, dairy & supplements.
  4. Utilise Nootropic stacks: Vite Brain.


  1. Increase gentle exercise & reduce rigorous exercise.
  2. Breath-work & meditation practices.
  3. Restrict alcohol & caffeine consumption.
  4. Supplements: CBD, tryptophan & adaptogenic herbs.

About Vite

Vite definition; Quickly, lively, concisely.

Experiencing the profound benefits certain nutrients can have on our brain & bodily functions, alongside the arduous and confusing process of researching, locating and consuming them (even as a certified nutritionist), Vite Founder Robert Thorp, seeded the thesis of Vite;

To fast-track optimal health & performance to the mass market by making functional nutrition accessible & enjoyable to all.

Fast forward from our first product launch in 2018 we've experienced exponential growth, received notoriety from the likes of Natural Health Magazine, Healthline & The Grocer, featured on BBC Dragons' Den, and most importantly fast-tracked the health & performance of over 25,000 happy customers. The exciting part? We're just getting started.


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